“Meeting Women in Bars”

July 15, 2013 3 min read


By David DeAngelo

When you start talking to a woman in abar or club, it's CRUCIAL that your conversation be exciting and entertaining - right out of the gate.

Unlike a date where you can afford a boring moment, in a club you have to be constantly increasing her attraction for you or she'll move on to the next guy.

One of the most important things for you to remember is to AVOID ROUTINE CONVERSATION AT ALL COSTS.

Don't talk about work, business, politics, religion, or family - EVEN IF you share these things in common.

If you find yourself entering the “boring zone, ” change the subject fast - and turn it around in funny, cocky way.

A Few “Fallbacks“ For Boring Conversations

Find something funny going on around you in the club and point it out, like a guy trying to hit on a girl who's obviously not into him, a guy who is checking her out (or point out a GIRL who is checking her out), or the guy with the dorkiest outfit.

Tell her you're going to set her up on a date, and pick out some funny looking guys for her in the club. Have her pick out some girls for you.

Tell her to entertain you with a funny story or joke. This puts the pressure back on her and makes her work to keep you around and entertained.

You can also play little games that women find totally engaging - like one called “Favorites” where you go back and forth and ask each other your favorite things, like your favorite ice cream, restaurants, etc. Spice this up by taking it to the extreme - ask her, what's the craziest experience she's ever had in a restaurant, or the most bizarre food she's ever tried, etc.

Another great game is called the N.A.M.E. game. Take turns taking the letter of the other person's name and making something funny out of each of them. So if you're talking to a girl named JEN, you might say, “OK… J - jumps around a lot. E - extremely nerdy. N - needs to stop following me around the club.” Then have her do your name - it's a great opportunity to see how fun and witty SHE can be as well, which is always a good sign…

“Owning” The Conversation

A lot of times when you meet a woman in a bar or club, she's going to have her shield up from meeting so many dorky guys in a row. So she'll give you an attitude

A lot of times when you meet a woman in a bar or club, she's going to have her shield up from meeting so many dorky guys in a row. So she'll give you an attitude. But if you can show her you're not affected by it - or better yet, turn it around in your favor - you can trigger a deep attraction within her.

Here are a few examples:

  • If she starts bragging about her new purse, say “You are such a dork. ”
  • If she asks you to do something for her, say “What will you give me? ” If you don't like her answer, then don't do it.
  • If you mention you are going somewhere and she says, “Oh I hate that place” say “Well it doesn't like you either.”
  • If she asks you what the craziest place you've ever had sex is, answer, then ask her what's the craziest POSITION she's ever had sex in. This will get a laugh, and she will probably be too shy to answer, so you'll come out as the “coolest.”

When you're trying these techniques out, it's important that you come across as cool and funny, not cynical and arrogant.

How To Talk To Women In Bars And Clubs

These tips should get you started…

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