How does Pick up artist come to be

July 15, 2013 2 min read

Pick up artist as a term was coined back in the 1970s, and is related to the book entitled “How to Pick Up Girls” authored by Eric Weber. At that time, the book was considered unique and where pick up artist has its debut. On the same year, an ambitious magazine called “Pick-Up Times” was released, however not for long. The magazine in some way made a connection with pick up artist term.

Eventually on 1987 came ‘The Pick up Artist’, a semi-autobiographical film written by James Toback and directed it at the same time. The said film is rated as light entertainment rather than educational. The film has clearly relates the term pick up artist. After a year, another book is published entitled ‘How to get women you desire into bed’ published by Ross Jeffries. The book discussed a certain technique involving NLP (natural language processing) and it was termed speed seduction. It is with this book when the language of pick up artist is originated. At this point, many individuals in the realm of picking-up a girl, dating and other related seduction language knew pick up artist language.

Lewis De Payne started “” newsgroup in 1994. De Payne is a former student of Ross Jeffries. This group became the platform of people worldwide to share information and exchange comments regarding ways to meet women. It can also be considered as the group who started the known pick up artist forums. Its popularity is spread in the Internet.

In the years from 1998 to 2004 a seduction artist named Mystery (Eric Von Markovik) of the TV series “pick up artist”, converted the pick up arts by giving out the “Mystery Method”. It is a set of DVD and a book that teaches the “Mystery Method” and how it is used. Mystery happens to be the foremost pick up artist to do the in-field training sessions.

Two books were released one after the other on 2002 and 2005 that tackles dating. The first one is an e-book called “Double Your Dating” authored by David DeAngelo, which successfully managed mass dating market. The second is a book known as “The Game” authored by Neil Strauss that detailed the author’s two-year experience in the community of seduction. The book made a hit and became a bestseller. The pick up artist methods at this moment reached its popularity in having a relationship.

Finally, on 2007, Mystery hosts his own new show on VH1 entitled “The Pick Up Artist”. Mystery together with his wings adopted a group of individuals and trained all of them over the art of seduction. The TV show is now on its second season and gaining so much popularity.

During the years from 2008 to 2010, the community started to recognize their need in becoming natural instead of relying on routines. The part of the reason is that the women are recognizing many of the ‘pick up artist’ lines. Another reason is a pick up artist wanted to have a long lasting relationships. 

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