“Why Giving Women Too Much Attention BACKFIRES”

July 15, 2013 3 min read

Are You Giving Women Too Much Attention? Find Out Why Too Much Attention Can Backfire and How To Give The Kind of Attention That Creates Attraction

Why Giving A Woman A Lot of Attention BACKFIRES

By David DeAngelo

Let’s talk “attention” for a moment, and the effect is has on a woman’s ATTRACTION to you.

When you give a woman attention, it SEEMS like a great thing. They usually seem to enjoy it, and you know you’re getting approval from them because they’re still talking to you.

But I think it’s time we start thinking of this topic a little differently.

Think of attention, compliments, physical affection and emotional attachment like FIREWOOD.

A little at a time is perfect, but if you put it all on at once, you’re going to burn the house down and destroy everything.

When you give a woman too much attention, you are communicating that you’re OBSESSED.

In other words, you’re almost the OPPOSITE of a CHALLENGE.

Have you ever heard a woman say “I just met this really sensitive, thoughtful, sweet guy that calls me 100 times a day and sends me flowers and cards and gifts… and I just can’t stop thinking about him…”?


Me neither.

Surprise, surprise.

Women aren’t INTO guys who are obsessed with them.

Women are INTO guys who are interesting, mysterious, challenging… guys who trigger ATTRACTION in them, not AFFECTION.

Here’s what most guys think when they’re giving a woman a boatload of attention:

“It feels good, so do it.”

“She seems to enjoy it, so keep it up.”

“I don’t want to lose her, so I must continue to smother her with attention.”

Going with your emotions and giving her TOO MUCH attention isn’t always as “good” as it “seems” like it should be

“This is the only chance I get, so I must take it to the max.”

“If I don’t do something, some other guy will, and I’ll be heartbroken.”

MOST guys think and act this way.

Hell, I did this stuff for years…

But here’s what’s probably going on in HER mind:

“He’s always there whenever I want to talk.”

“He’s such a sweet, nice, caring guy.”

“Maybe if I keep talking to him, I’ll feel something…“

“…But for some reason… I just don’t FEEL IT for him… and I can’t make myself feel it…”

“I don’t want to hurt him, so I’d better be nice to him.”

She probably feels a lot of guilt… because maybe she is thinking that she “led you on”.

Here’s something for you to think about:

“Getting, KILLS Wanting.”

If someone gets something, or even knows that they HAVE IT whenever they want it, that thing becomes much less interesting to them.

As a rule, we humans desire things that aren’t easy to get.

The more you don’t know how she feels about you, and the more you try… the more you WANT HER.

Here’s the bottom line:

Going with your emotions and giving her TOO MUCH attention isn’t always as “good” as it “seems” like it should be.

If you smother her with too much attention, she’s going to run from you and go find a challenging guy.

Why Giving A Woman A Lot of Attention BACKFIRES

She’s giving you all the “I really like you, you’re a sweet guy, I can’t bear to break your heart, and I DON’T FEEL IT FOR YOU” signals.

You should always carefully consider your situation, and decide what you REALLY want.

Here’s something for you to remember:

Attention from a man can be like a DRUG for a woman… even if she isn’t attracted to him.

A woman will often allow a guy that is IN LOVE with her to pour his heart out, confess his feelings, and demonstrate his devotion… even though she has ZERO INTENTION of feeling the same way herself.


Women feel ATTRACTION for “MEN”.

On the other hand. they feel AFFECTION for “nice guys” that wind up becoming FRIENDS.

Instead of waiting until the very end, when you are convinced that a woman isn’t into you, before doing what you’re learning from me… do it from the BEGINNING.

You must SPARK the ATTRACTION right from the start.

You can’t wait until the end.

Just knowing this can make a HUGE difference in your dating life.

Now, if you want step-by-step instructions on exactly WHAT to do from the very beginning… you need to go get my eBook Double Your Dating.

You wasted probably ten times as much time, energy, money, and emotional distress in this relationship as you would have invested in getting and learning from my book.

Take it from me… I’ve been in your shoes.

If you invest in yourself and do yourself the favor of getting this education, you can take control of this area of your life… FOR GOOD.

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