How to get girls?

July 15, 2013 2 min read

If you are wondering how to get girls, how to approach them, how to be interesting and funny, how to make a good impression than you should check this out? In this few lines, I’m writing now, I’m going to give you some advice on how to approach the girl you like. Forget about everything you ever heard about seducing and dating, and remember this; if you want to get girls, or just one girl you like, you need to start paying attention on what she’s talking about, what she’s dreaming about, her goals and wishes and things she does in her life. You need to pay attention on the things she wears, music she listen’s to, food she likes to eat, and places she likes to go to. From all of that, you’ll find out what she’s like, and what you can aspect form her. Finally you’ll have lots of things to talk about when you approach her, because you’ll know all about her, and she’ll be impressed. Remember, don’t stalk the girl, but just pay attention on the things she likes.

Her friends can give you tips about the things she likes; you can ask them for some advice how to approach her, where to take her, for your first date. You can ask them about her taste in men, the things she likes about the man she’s willing to date, and the things she doesn’t like. You can ask them for advice, what to buy for her, or make by yourself. Girls love the gifts you make for them on your own. If you approach her in such a way, you are showing that she’s already important to you, and that she’s special. Girls adore that.

If you want to get girls, and get their attention, you must be yourself. Always be honest, that is the only way for making a longtime relationship of any kind. If you make up stories, and imagine things, that’s going to get you nowhere, and the girl that you like is going to leave you, or think you are acting childish. Trust me; you don’t want to go that way. So always tell the truth about your self. You don’t need to tell her everything about your past relationships, but it would be best not to hide the things that are important, and have changed something in your life. If you have a child from a past relationship, don’t try to hide it, be honest, because eventually she’s going to find out the truth, and that’s going to break her heart, and eventually your heart to.

Everything that you do, do with excitement and do it for fun, but don’t do anything you are going to regret one day. Don’t play games with girls, and don’t try to sit on two or three chairs, because eventually you are going to fall dawn and break your nose. No one likes to be played with, and you should remember that. Good luck.

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