About dating

July 15, 2013 2 min read

When it comes to dating, both men and woman, try to give their best, and be the best. Often they act a little, trying to impress the other side, and they do all kinds of things just to stay interesting. Some change their hairstyle, some start dancing, just to be close to the person they like. People really do silly things when they fall in love and start dating.

Dating is all about romance, spending lots and lots of time together, doing lots of things together, going on vacations, going on picnics and road trips. It’s about giving your best, trying to smile all the time, and be funny. In the beginning both sides are always trying for the other one to feel special, they send little text messages that are funny and cute. They talk for hours and hours; they take long walks just to look at the sunset together.

But time passes, and as the relationship goes further, they both show their real faces, and they start to miss the things they did, when they were on their own. And that’s probably a good thing, because dating is about getting to know the person you like a little bit better.

There comes a period in every relationship, when partners start to argue a lot, about everything, not spending enough time together, not doing the things they did in the beginning, or not having enough money to do something. Money issues are always the greatest trigger of the arguments. But if there is love, and toleration, and motivation to stay together, partners will overcome the problems, and will stay together. But if the bond they sheared wasn’t deep enough, and strong enough, they will go their separate ways.

And if it comes to separation, it’s hard to trust someone again, and start dating again. But time is the best allay every person has, and it cures all broken hearts. It cures almost everything. So if that happens to you, don’t lose hope, and start dating again, try to know new people, and don’t be afraid of getting hurt again. That's the risk we all need to take, but in the mean time, enjoy the benefits of dating. Enjoy every new day and every moment of true happiness, because those moments are rare and priceless.

Because you never know, when true love will appear on your doorstep, and when everything you wish will come to its place. To give your heart and to receive it is the most wonderful thing anyone can experience, so don’t be afraid of doing it again and again. And remember, to be who you really are, and don’t forget to have fun. Don’t lose your faith in love. Remember you deserve it, and you deserve someone who is going to appreciate you for who you are, and all that you do, someone who’ll understand you, and who’s always going to be on your side. That’s real love, and it will last for a lifetime.

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