A word or two about online dating

July 15, 2013 2 min read

Every body wants to fall in love. Everybody wants to have that special someone beside them. But today in the world, we are living in, that’s getting harder than ever, and people are starting to consider online dating as the only solution for the loneliness they feel.

It's so easy to communicate with a stranger. You can talk for hours and hours about everything, just by posting quick answers, and never leaving your room. You can be anyone or anything you like, you can create a bran new person, but the other side can do the same. And what happens then? Is online dating a sure way to meet someone new? Or is it just a way to play tricks on each other?

What happens when it comes to meeting the person you have been chatting for weeks? Would you be comfortable with sitting beside a perfect stranger and drinking coffee with him? Or would you be afraid and confused, because everything changed, and now you have to be, who you really are? Would you be brave enough to take the next step?

There are a few things about online dating you should know. It can be really fun, but try to stay cool, and do let the adrenalin make you do something foolish. Never give your full name and your home address. Never give information about your job, and time when you are away from home. Be honest, and don’t change the facts about your age and looks, because if you meet the person you have been chatting with, in real life, you’re going to be uncomfortable, when he or she finds out the truth. And I know, you wouldn’t like for that to happen.

Don’t go all alone if you arrange a meeting. Ask your friend to come along with you, and tell him to sit a few tables further. Don’t ever accept to meet that person on a place you don’t know, or go to that’s stranger’s apartment. If you do that, you’re taking a huge risk. Let your friend to watch over you, so you would feel safe and be natural during the conversation you’ll have with your online buddy.

Online dating is a very nice way to communicate with people, have someone to talk to; someone who listens and understands you when you feel alone, but it shouldn’t be your only way of getting to know other people. But I know, we all need love, and we all need someone to make us feel special, and if you meet someone who gives you that, than you should go for it. If he or she is a nice person, that makes you laugh, makes you feel special and you have a real date, and like each other, than try to get to know that person a little bit more, and if she or he is honest and is a good friend, go on with fooling in love, because in the end, online dating is all about that.

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