Dating women

July 15, 2013 2 min read

Men today have more questions about dating women than ever. Women have changed, they are more aware of their capabilities, they have their own dreams, and they are building companies, making their own money, and they want more from the men they are dating. So men are searching for new ways to make women happy. Its not enough to buy flowers any more, and remember their girlfriends birthdays, men have to be creative, have to be one or two steps ahead, they need to plan surprises, take their girls on vacations, they need to go on dancing lessons, and its become hard.

Well, everything worth making an effort for is hard, but if you want to continue dating women and searching, for the girl of your dreams, than you should stop imagining fairytales, and work for it.

First – be creative. Forget about long walks and watching the sunset every time you see her, its boring, take her hiking or, find out what she wants, what’s she dreaming about, and than make her dream come true, if that’s possible for you.

Second – be a good listener. Is she’s complaining about something, if she has some problems, or her day at work was hard, don’t tell her it will go away. Try to listen to her and help her. Give her an advice or do something to cheer her up.

Third – don’t ever make her feel les important. She should always feel she’s your number one. Don’t forget about your friends, but remember, dating women is about giving a little bit more to the one you have chosen. Make her feel special, and never give comments about other women in front of her, that’s rude. Because of that you can become unreliable in her eyes. Women like to feel special; they can’t stand it, when they feel like toys.

Forth – be your self. When it comes to dating women, men have a big need to pretend that they are someone else. And they do it a lot. I suggest you don’t do that. Always give your best, and be your self. Say the things you really mean, not the ones you think she would rather hear. Don’t pretend you like the stuff you don’t like, and don’t do things you don’t like just to make her smile, because if you do things you don’t like, you’ll start to be nervous and unhappy, and will start avoiding her, and the activities you do together. It’s better to suggest something else you could do together, that you both would like.

Do all this things, and do it with a huge enthusiasm, but remember not to forget who you are, what you like and which dreams and desires you have. Share them with the girl you have chosen. Remember to have fun, smile a lot, tell jocks, and make every day special, and unforgettable, for you, and for her. Because dating, and love, should be fun, and should make you feel like you are flying, all the time. That’s the point, isn’t it?

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