“Secrets To Naturally Attract Women”

July 15, 2013 3 min read

David DeAngelo Shows You The Secret To Naturally Attracting Women

The Secret To Being Naturally Cool

By David DeAngelo

When I first started out trying to master the secrets to women and dating, one of the first things I did was seek out and observe as many of the guys who could naturally attract women.

It seemed that they did little or no work, yet they always had more women than they could handle.

So I made it my mission to find out what exactly what they did differently from us “regular” guys.

At first, I tried to find out all of the lines and techniques they used to get so many women.

I discovered that by using lines and techniques - along with getting my style together and taking care of the “basics” - I could achieve only MARGINAL success.

It wasn't until I internalized the BELIEFS and ATTITUDES that were behind the techniques that I achieved MASSIVE and CONSISTENT success.

Once you have the framework down, you won't need to memorize lines or techniques - because you'll be able to come up with them at will.

I'm about to share with you the attitudes of the naturals, the differences in the way they think, and the real reasons why they have such an easy time meeting women in bars and clubs.

“The Concept Of Cool”

A major realization I had while watching my friends who were naturally good with women was that they had a “cool” vibe that women would instantly pick up on.

I noticed that when they met women, they would always have the attitude that the women were LUCKY to be talking to them. It was as if they subtly said “Do you KNOW who I am?” without actually saying it, and without coming off as arrogant.

After watching enough of these guys, I came to realize that learning to be naturally cool might be the most important thing you can do to attract women.

I know many cool guys who don't have it all together, yet they always have women. I also know a lot of “not-cool” guys who are very successful in all areas of their lives - with the EXCEPTION of women and dating.

A cool, confident guy doesn't beat around the bush. He'll always say what's on his mind because he knows that people value what he has to say, and he's not afraid to piss someone off.

The trick is to learn and internalize the universal traits of “naturally cool” guys.

Here's a PARTIAL list of these powerful traits - pay careful attention to each one:

  • The naturally cool guy doesn't care what people think about him.

A cool guy never places excessive meaning on any one interaction. He knows he can't please everyone, and he is totally OK with it.

  • His respect and friendship must be EARNED.

To gain his respect, you have to either be a friend of a friend, or show him that you are also cool. This holds true for both the men and women they meet. They give no “bonus points” for status, looks, or material possessions.

  • He is open and honest, and never afraid to state his opinion.

A cool, confident guy doesn't beat around the bush. He'll always say what's on his mind because he knows that people value what he has to say, and he's not afraid to piss someone off.

  • He is decisive.

If you ask him if he wants to go somewhere, he won't say “I don't know” or “what do you want to do?” He'll tell you “yes” or “no”, whether he thinks it's what you want to hear or not.

  • He is confident in his decisions

If you tell him his shirt is ugly, he'll tell you that you have horrible taste in clothing

  • What he is doing is always the best thing going.

If a woman is talking to him about the great time she had on Saturday night, you'll never hear him say, “I wish I would have been there.” He knows that whatever he was doing was either more fun or more important.

  • He is always the best thing going.

If a woman talks about another guy, he will always have the subtle undertone that she would have a much better time with him.

  • Women never come first in his life.

He always has a purpose or a priority that is more important to him than SHE is, and no woman will ever control him.

Take a minute and review these traits - find ways you can “internalize” them and make them your own.

When you do, you'll find they become an “automatic” part of who you are - and women will find themselves “naturally” attracted to you.

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