“How To Boost Your Confidence With Women…”

July 15, 2013 4 min read

Why Women Love Confidence and What You Can Do To Boost Your Confidence and Get Dates

How To Boost Your Confidence With Women

By David DeAngelo

I'd like to address a problem that is so common that it seems silly to even mention it...

It's the idea that too often we use our powerful minds and emotions to cause ourselves to FAIL with women rather than SUCCEED with women.

Fear of women can actually become a HABIT that leads to failure.

Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever been in a situation where you saw a woman that you wanted to meet, but you didn't go over and talk to her?

Duh. Of course… we all have.

This is UNIVERSAL. We've all been there so many times that the question doesn't even need to be asked.

But, the question I want to answer is “Why?”

Why is it that when we see a woman that we'd like to meet, we don't just walk over and start talking to her?

What is it that we're doing inside of our heads that is preventing us from just DOING IT?

Why do we prevent ourselves from being successful, when it would be SOOOO EASY?

And, an even MORE interesting question is:

How do we overcome this self- defeating pattern of thought and action?

I have one friend who I've seen get 25 phone numbers over the course of a weekend (I saw him get every one of them)… and all of them were from women that he had met on the spot.

Most of them took less than 5 minutes to get.

Now, I have many OTHER friends that can't even ask a woman for her number after they've talked to her a HUNDRED TIMES… and they KNOW she's single.

The short answer is that most of us guys let our initial EMOTIONAL REACTIONS and our IMAGINATIONS keep us from taking action.

By the way, I have a LOT more of this type of friend…

So, what the hell is going on here?

Well, like most answers to questions like this one, the explanation and solution is both very simple and VERY complex.

How To Boost Your Confidence

The short answer is that most of us guys let our initial EMOTIONAL REACTIONS and our IMAGINATIONS keep us from taking action.

In other words, we see a woman we'd like to meet, we become nervous (for reasons we can't explain logically), we feel FEAR, we make all kinds of negative MENTAL IMAGES, and we finally just decide that it isn't worth it… so we just walk away.

But, isn't this CRAZY behavior?

I mean, it doesn't make any sense at all when you REALLY reflect and think about it, right?

Doesn't it make sense that we should just REALIZE that nothing bad is going to happen, and instantly change how we behave towards women?

Now that we KNOW what we do, shouldn't we be able to just walk out the door and…

… start meeting women RIGHT NOW?

Well, yes… we SHOULD be able to do that.

But we can't. Or don't.

So, what's the answer?

Well, first you have to BREAK THE HABIT of making yourself feel BAD and AFRAID, and LEARN the habit of making yourself feel GOOD and OPTIMISTIC.

Remember, you've been doing things the way you do them for a long time now, so it might take some PRACTICE to be able to do this in the moment every time you need to…

Here are some action steps:

#1. Take some time to vividly imagine the BEST possible outcome of walking up and talking to a woman that you find attractive. Every time you see a woman that you'd like to meet, just do this. Try it for a few days. Then realize that this BEST outcome is far more likely than your WORST idea of what could happen. Read that again. Your BEST outcome IS FAR MORE LIKELY than your worst.

#2. Make a “realistic” list of the worst things that could happen, then decide exactly what you'd do if any of them actually did happen. You'll realize that you can deal with them and live through it.

#3. Realize that NOT taking the risk to meet a woman is actually a BIGGER risk in the LONG RUN of your overall life. If you risk NOT meeting her, you'll never know what might have happened, and if you let it become a habit, it will keep you from realizing ALL your dreams in life.

Are you with me?

Use these ideas to go out and overcome your habit of not talking to women. Do it now.

By the way, in my eBook Double Your Dating, I go into the concepts of confidence, self-talk, and personality in GREAT detail. In fact, I consider the section where I talk about these things to be the MOST important part of the WHOLE book.

How To Boost Your Confidence With Women


Because unless you get this part handled - the “Inner Game” so to speak - any techniques you learn won't be nearly effective as they could be.

And when you DO get the inner part handled, the techniques I'll teach you will be 10x as powerful…

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