“Overcome The Fear of Meeting Women”

July 15, 2013 4 min read

“Overcome The Fear of Meeting Women”

David DeAngelo Teaches You How to Overcome The Fear and Self Doubt when Meeting Women

Fear, Self-Doubt and Meeting Women

By David DeAngelo


Hey Dave,

I've really benefited from all your techniques. I am a college freshman, and i hadn't been having too many dates. I heard about your program over winter break, but being away from school i didnt have the opportunity to use your techniques. but, i got back a few days ago, and started meeting people on the internet. i've already had one REALLY great date with a gorgeous older woman. unlike before, a lot more women seem really eager to talk to me, and to drive really long distance to come meet me. even the girls at college are responding. two nights ago, i had a girl spend the night with me. as everyone gets back to school, im sure i'll have even more success.

My question is....... i met a lot of really cute girls over the past few months. but, because i was doing things the OLD WAY, i didnt have too much success with them. is there any way i can attract them now, or do i just have to give up on them and start afresh?

Thanks once again.


*** My Comments:

First of all, congratulations on getting out there and making things happen for yourself.

To address your question, I'm going to start with a little home-brewed Quack Psych Analysis…

I've noticed a pattern with guys that is VERY interesting to me: If a guy meets a girl and feels attracted to her, but doesn't have success taking things to a “romantic level”, he will tend to think about that woman and how to "try again" to get her attention, EVEN WHEN IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL, AND THERE ARE MANY OTHER OPPORTUNITIES AROUND HIM.

I think that this is probably some kind of survival mechanism gone wrong. But whatever it is, it's a PAIN IN THE ASS if you ask me.

In about 98% of cases, it's MUCH better to just get on with your life and meet new women than it is to try and go back to women you've met in the past (who, for one reason or another don't feel ATTRACTION for you), and try to get them to come around.

Most guys smile in a way that looks like fake approval seeking wussy man when they're talking to women that they're attracted to.

Move on.

You're having so much success right now.

All you're going to do is waste time and make things difficult for you AND these other women if you try to go back and get them to feel attracted to you.

Of course, if these women are a group of rich European models who love to buy you things, let you control the remote, and have no interest in cuddling after sex, then forget everything I've said, and instead devote the rest of your life to changing their minds.


Whats up Dave? I like the work you did in your eBook...cocky/funny and the friendship frame work great. I do have one question however. You state that cocky/funny humor works best when your not smiling/look serious. However, a lot of guys who I know that are successful with women say that smiling is the most effective thing that attracts women. What's your take on smiling?


My Comments:

This is an interesting subject.

I think that MOST guys smile too much when they're talking to women that they're attracted to.

Now, I have to modify what I just said a bit.

How about this: Most guys smile IN A WAY THAT LOOKS LIKE FAKE APPROVAL SEEKING WUSSY MAN when they're talking to women that they're attracted to.

I recommend that most guys learn how to control all aspects of their body language so they can quit doing things that make them needy, apologetic, like they're trying to get a woman's approval, etc.

And smiling is one of those aspects.

Fear, Self-Doubt and Meeting Women

With that said, I know guys who smile A LOT when they're meeting women, and they do VERY well.

What's their secret?

They know all the things to do RIGHT, so their smiling doesn't come across as them trying to be liked, kissing up to a woman, etc.

Do what works for you.

But if you've been the kind of guy that tries to get women to “like you” in the past, then you'd probably benefit from learning how to smile less, and be Cocky & Funny MORE.

And… if you want an in-depth education on Cocky Funny, approaching women, and using body language to attract women fast… then do what this guy did - download yourself a copy of my eBook “Double Your Dating.”

It's the fastest way to get “up to speed” in all three of these areas. Stop trying to figure out what you're doing wrong on your own - let me show you your mistakes, but more importantly, let me show you simple “tweaks” to what you're doing now… that will give you the RESULTS you're looking for.

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