“The Secret Reason Men FAIL With Women”

July 15, 2013 4 min read

Learn the Secret Reason Most Men Fail with Women and What You Can Do to Prevent Failure

The Secret Reason Men Fail With Women
By David DeAngelo

As you can probably imagine, I interact with a lot of guys who are having problems with women. And one of the things that I've noticed is that almost every guy that is “failing” with women has an EXCUSE - a “good reason” why things aren't “working” for him.

The Secret Excuse…

I have come to believe that most guys who aren't succeeding with women carry around a “Secret Excuse” for why they're not succeeding… a Secret Excuse for failure.

For some it's their height, for some it's their age, for some it's their income… and for some guys, it's a reason outside of themselves… maybe it's the place that they live, or where they work.

What's YOUR Secret Excuse for why you don't succeed with women at the level you'd like to?

Your Excuse Isn't As Much Of A “Secret” As You Think

Here's the most interesting part of this particular phenomenon… NO MATTER HOW “PRIVATE” OR “PERSONAL” your Secret Excuse is, IT'S VERY COMMON!

And guess what?

I guarantee you that there are MANY, MANY guys in this world that have overcome your very same situation and gone on to succeed with women.

I think that the “Secret Excuse” is our way as guys of making it easier to avoid facing reality…

The Reason For Failure Is Inside Of Ourselves… It's The Way We Think And Behave

But the PROBLEM with a Secret Excuse isn't the excuse itself… it's the fact that most guys don't know how to OVERCOME their Secret Excuse.

Secret Excuses can wire themselves into our minds so deeply that we don't even realize the effects that they're having.
Secret Excuses can wire themselves into our minds so deeply that we don't even realize the effects that they're having.

If you believe that women won't feel attracted to you because you're, say, overweight, then you won't even TRY to meet women. You'll just assume that it's no use.

This leads to even worse problems, like fear of going out, fear of talking to people, etc.

When you decide that there is some big reason that is preventing you from even the POSSIBLITY of success with women, it begins to affect EVERYTHING in your life.

So what's the solution to this MAJOR cause of failure for men?

I'd say that this is at LEAST a two step process:

1. You need to identify your own “Secret Excuse”, and you need to look around to find examples of men who have overcome the very same “obstacle”, and who have gone on to succeed with women. This will provide you with some real-life evidence that what you're dealing with is not final and irreversible.

2. You need to get an education about women and what makes them feel the emotion of ATTRACTION for men.

It really amazes me that you can walk into a bookstore and find a thousand books on computers, but ZERO books on what causes women to feel an instant SEXUAL ATTRACTION for a man.


But it's true.

One of the reasons that I've put so much time, research, effort, experimentation, and dedication into figuring out this area of life and experience is because I really want to be able to explain it better than anyone, and help guys get this part of their lives handled.

The Secret Reason Men Fail With Women
If you want a WORLD CLASS education about women, dating, and ATTRACTION, then I recommend that you invest in my eBook, “Double Your Dating”.

In it, you'll learn literally DOZENS of different concepts, strategies, and step-by-step techniques for making women feel ATTRACTION.

You'll learn everything from how and why women behave the way they do, to how women test men and how to “pass” her tests, to how to walk, talk, behave, and communicate so you increase the attraction that women feel for you.

I ensure two things:

1. You will learn DOZENS of things you didn't know, and haven't heard before ANYWHERE. I'm not kidding at all about this. I've pulled together information from many different areas… from science to statistics to my own personal experiences getting to know guys who are VERY successful with women and testing what I learned from them. I'll tell you right now, this stuff will make you open your eyes and say “wow”.

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