How to meet woman?

July 15, 2013 2 min read

If you are a guy searching for the woman of your dreams, and if you’re always on the lookout, there is one thing you should now. Meeting the right woman in a night club at 3 am is probably equal to a miracle. You should always be open to destiny playing tricks on you, but, if that destiny hasn’t made true love possible for you jet, than you should take things in to your own hands and stop asking how to meet a woman, the right woman, and do something about it.

Try to change your daily habits a bit, find some new friends, or start dancing, go to the gym, or just change the restaurant you go to lunch to, just for a little while. You never know, who you’re going to meet. It’s ok to change your hairstyle, or buy some new clothes, and make an effort to look better than ever. People around you, will notice that, and maybe the girl you were dreaming about is somewhere near you, but you haven’t noticed her jet. If you change something about you, maybe she’ll notice you first, and approach you.

To meet woman is just like playing chess. The right moves get you were you want go, and the wrong move, makes you loose it all in a flash. Always be yourself, don’t try to act, and don’t sell stories to the woman you are trying to seduce. Be honest and friendly. Listen to what she has to say, don’t criticize her opinion, don’t criticize her choice of wardrobe, hairstyle or the things she likes to do. Try to make her smile, and make her feel comfortable when you are around.

Don’t refuse to meet the people she loves, be friendly to them, and make an impression that everything and everyone she cares about is important to you to. That’s a way of showing respect and appreciation. Let her know she’s important to you. Show her the things you love to do, and let her be a part of your world. Don’t ever put her on the second place. Make her feel like she’s always number one, even when you are with your friends. They should understand that if they respect and care for you.

To meet a woman, and to start dating and to fall in love, is the greatest thing that could happen to a man, so if you have achieved that great thing, don’t take it for granted. Make it grow all the time, every day little by little. If that’s important to you, don’t forget to do small things for the woman of you’re dreams. Buy her flowers or pick up a rose on your way home. Give her a massage, or just take her out, someplace nice, and soon you’ll have your own piece of paradise, because if you do all this for the girl you like and care about, she’s going to give it back to you to, and you are going to feel like royalty.

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