Attract Girl – The Right Perspective

July 15, 2013 2 min read

Why is to attract girl (s) important? Do men truly must attract girl (s)? For what reason should they do that? If it is important to attract girl or not, and whatever reason men do that, it should be done for the right perspective. What is perspective and why is it important? Perspective is how a person perceives, views, or understands another person, an object, or a certain event. Therefore, when we talk to attract girl (s) for the right perspective is similar with to attract girl (s) for the right reason.
One perspective to attract girl is to make her a friend. Boys do a lot of things to attract girl (s) to like them because they want company. At school, boys make friends with boys and girls make friends with girls. However, boys like to have girls as friends for interaction. Plenty of boys become close to girls purely for friendship and nothing more. They are comfortable having girls as friend and treat them like their sisters. Others may think that this is weird. But, come to think of it, when these boys enter into a real romantic relationship with girls, aren’t they more knowledgeable on how to treat girls well? They are able to have more lasting boy-girl relationship because they know what girls want and how girls think.
Another perspective to attract girl is for companion. Boys would like to attract girl (s) to like them as life-time partners. A lasting relationship usually starts with friendship. This is the stage where both parties are searching and finding out about each other’s good and bad sides. If the boy is not able to attract girl to like him, then it is difficult to enter into a relationship. Both parties should be attracted to each other in order to let the love spark. With this perspective, the boys should be serious in their intent or else, they can ruin a very beautiful friendship. Girls who are attracted to boys because of their inner traits are for keeps. To attract girl for serious relationship is not that easy. It takes patience, honesty, and true love.
One perspective to attract girl that is considered unhealthy is for pleasure. There are boys who use the girls’ attraction to them to make them feel good and manly. They think that if many girls are attracted to them, they are powerful and sexy. These boys may use wit to attract girl to them. Some use deceit to attract girl to like them. Still, others use charm and gifts to attract girl to enter into a relationship with them. Boys who attract girl for pleasure are usually having a psychological problem or unstable personality. These are boys who have unhappy or abused childhood. Commonly, they are products of broken families. However, some of these boys are not hopeless case. Experts say that if they experienced to be truly in-love, and the object of their love reciprocates that love with honesty and truthfulness, their perspective will change. Boys who had a remarkable change of perspective about love become better person than they are before. They will attract girl (s) to marry them.

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