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November 29, 2014 7 min read

Attractive Woman

Persuasion existed since the beginning of time. It’s how deals are made, it’s how men get paid, and it’s how you will get laid.

The truth is you are being persuaded if you like it or not. You are either selling someone or they are selling you on the idea.

If you are with a girl and you tell her to come home with you and she says no and you don’t go home with her she sold you. If she does go home with you then you sold her. It’s as simple as that.

The key is to be able to be in a state of always be persuading in a way were you are not being pushy, but in a way where you are smooth about it. It takes practice but you can do it.

The first thing to remember is to consciously get to a point where it becomes a subconsciously automatic thing where persuading becomes a part of your life.
This will not only get you laid more, but will create an abundance in your life beyond just getting laid.

Another key to remember is that being persuaded is not about being logical. It’s from a subconscious emotional level that influences someone to do something.

Pressuring can be a form of persuasion but again the strongest form is when she believes that it was her own idea to do something. She must believe in her heart that it was her own doing when she comes to the final decision.

The awesome part is this skill already exists within you. It is just sitting dormant within you. You just need to be aware and find the key to unlock your great power. When you do this you will start to attract more women into your life.

There are basically 3 kinds of persuasion techniques that can be applied to dating advice so a woman will go home with you and start begging you for more.

These are what I call the three colors of persuasion…

These three colors can be used however you think will work in your current situation. Remember, that when you learn persuasion you will need to calibrate yourself to the situation since there are so many factors that can be involved, but with practice and understanding personality traits which we will discuss later will be your biggest advantage.

The three colors of persuasion are the color white, the color black, and the color grey.

The first one being white is the color of being you and just flowing freely. It is taking the time to look good, feel good and projecting it to the girls that you meet. It’s the very basic instinct of just being yourself anytime you meet a girl. It’s all about your personality in a nutshell.

The next color of persuasion is black persuasion. This is the color which uses practiced skilled techniques to influence a girl. You are also using your body language purposely in a way to create attraction. You are using your voice in a way which creates attraction within women.

Lastly, you have grey persuasion. It is the ability to use both white and black persuasion together. You are balancing both in harmony to create a desired outcome.

Of course, you can use any color of persuasion that you please. It will be up to you to calibrate yourself according to your situation.

Let me give you an example of each one in play, so you can have an idea of how they work.

White Persuasion

Imagine being somewhere and seeing a girl that is a perfect 10, and you have the chance to talk with her.

It starts with you and her having a fun interaction that lasts about 30 minutes long, and you are displaying white persuasion the whole time.

In her mind she thinks that you’re cute, and the both of you are carrying the conversation perfectly.

At the end, she will either want your cell number, so you can call her later, or she won’t and will say, “Hey, it was nice meeting you take care…”

This type of persuasion of being yourself and being nice and saying and acting proper is pretty much leaving things up to chance and there is no guarantee to what will happen after the interaction. It’s a very hit or miss kind of situation unless you have a tight game.

It’s a very common scenario actually… It’s leaving things to chance and seeing her later is again not always guaranteed.

Let’s rerun the scenario again, but with Black Persuasion. You meet this hot girl and the conversation is going well…

This time after fifteen minutes she is feeling something inside of her and she is getting turned on by you.  She doesn’t know it yet, but she can certainly feel it. The keyword is “feel” it.

Remember, when we persuade women to be with you, you don’t want to have her think in a logical way. You want her to actually feel a certain emotion within her so she takes the next step with you.

She doesn’t know what is going inside of her, but she definitely wants your number so she can call you later.

Will she call you later? It may seem as though applying black persuasion in a girl will get her to take immediate action but it will all depend on how you apply it.

This time let’s use Grey Persuasion with the same situation. With grey persuasion you spend about ten minutes, and this time she is really interested in you.

You are looking good, you smell good and you are providing the things that create desire within her. She is feeling something good inside of her and she doesn’t know what it is, but she likes it!

You start to create that sensation within her that starts to bring her attraction temperature even higher. She doesn’t hesitate to ask for your number, and she may be turned on and she wants to leave with you right away.

Grey persuasion is being between white and black persuasion. Is this the place where you see yourself? Or would you prefer white persuasion and leave the outcome to chance?

The majority of men out there automatically are dependent on white persuasion because it can be an automatic thing guys do.

Is white persuasion bad? No, not really. It really depends on the situation, but most will lean towards this type of influence because it’s safe, but this can be such an on and off thing and again you are leaving it up to chance.

One of the most challenging things we can have is how to calibrate ourselves to the situation. Each situation is going to be different but you have to understand your current situation and what is going on and when to escalate things to get to the next level.

Any technique can work, but knowing when to use it and how to use it properly is going to be your biggest asset.

Why do techniques work for some and not for others? Let me tell you a story and you’ll have an idea why…

A few years ago, I was driving in Las Vegas checking things out. Off from the Las Vegas strip I discovered a small magic store.

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The shop was really small. I thought it was kind of odd because there were just a few books in there, a table and a cash register. I thought it was one of the oddest things I have ever seen, but what was stranger was I saw two well known magicians who work in Las Vegas in there.

The clerk approached me and asked me if I was interested in a demonstration from a well known magician. I said of course. He said come back in an hour and don’t be late because we can only have a maximum of 20 people. I was thinking how the heck are you going to fit 20 people in here? I figured it would be an outside demonstration or something. I came back an hour later and there were about 18 people outside. One by one each went into the store and when I went in finally all of the people were gone. I was thinking holy smoke where the hell did everyone go?

Everyone went behind a book case that had a secret room. This room was huge. It could easily fit 50 people. It was my first lesson of the day of how things can be deceiving, but again, I’m surrounded by magicians…

I spent the next 3 hours learning from one the top magicians/mind readers in the world. After the magician/mind reader seminar I asked the speaker what was one of his biggest best kept secrets someone who is starting out in magic and in mind reading should know? What he said next will stay with me forever.

He said, learn the art of perception and showmanship and you are on your way. He continued to say that when he started out people didn’t take him seriously because he was not perceived by people as high value.

He said if you are poor look like you are rich. If you are rich look like you are poor. So I said kind of like playing poker right? He said exactly! If you have a strong hand show that you are weak and if you are weak show that you are strong, but at the same time you have to calibrate yourself where if you don’t look the part you have to be the part.

Also, he said, “If you lack showmanship you will definitely fail! If you know all the tricks in the world, but you lack showmanship, then people will find out what you are doing instantly.” He said, “Have you ever watched a video online about how a magic trick was done and you said to yourself, wow, is it really that easy of a trick to do, but when you showed it to your friend’s they instantly knew what you were doing?” I said, yes. “It’s because videos can show you how to do it, but it’s up to you to practice the showmanship in order to be able to create the illusion smoothly and effortlessly.” It was an “Aha!” moment for me.

Remember, techniques work but it does take practice and of course showmanship. If you try a technique and it doesn’t work it doesn’t mean that it was a bad technique it could be that it doesn’t fit your current reality at that moment of time or the timing of it was poorly executed.

By David Vice

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