10 Must-Know Tips on How to Be a Good Kisser ...

July 19, 2014 3 min read

Learning how to be a good kisser can be daunting, especially if you haven't even been kissed yet! Well ladies, I've got the low-down on what men like and how to be a good kisser naturally! So, take a look at the top 10 tips on how to be a good kisser!

1. Good Breath

The first tip all revolves around how you taste and what you smell like. When you're about to start kissing a guy, you want to make sure that your breath smells awesome. So girls, pop a mint before you get down to making out, it'll make all of the difference in the world!


2. Moist Lips

Whether you are in a serious making out situation or just kissing for the first time, you want to make sure that your lips are completely moisturized! For me, a coat of lip gloss always does the trick or you could even try slicking on some chapstick too. Trust me, learning how to be a good kisser starts with how your lips feel!


3. Closed Eyes

Kissing with your eyes closed doesn't mean that you are fantasizing about someone else, it actually is just a way for you to let your lips take over. Learning how to be a good kisser is not just about how your lips feel, it's all about the senses and filling yourself up with the other person. Try kissing with your eyes closed, it's actually awesome!


4. Position

One of the biggest challenges when you are first learning how to be a good kisser is positioning yourself correctly right? I know that I had a hard time when I first started to kiss! Well ladies, just make sure to follow his lead and I promise, you'll be fine! Also, don't forget about using your hands!


5. Add Pressure

Now, I'm not saying that a kiss should be 100% pressure-filled and rough, but adding in a little bit of pressure to a kiss can make it that much more passionate and deeper! So, the next time you are kissing, see what happens when you deepen it and even take a step closer. I swear it'll blow his mind a little!


6. Technique

Everyone has their own technique when it comes to kissing. What this means is that you'll have to figure out yours, when you start to kiss. Whether it is to suck on their lower lip, or give soft little nibbles – it can be anything!


7. Close-Mouthed

When you are first learning how to be a good kisser, the first thing that you'll probably end up doing is kissing closed-mouthed. For me, these kisses are always so passionate and tentative, as if you are kissing for the first time ever. When you're kissing close-mouthed, you can still use your tongue and also your teeth, but be gentle!


8. Use Your Hands

Remember what I said up there about positioning? Well, that involves using your hands as well! Your hands could be in his hair, on his neck or even around his waist. Make sure that you use your hands to pull him in closer and also to keep him close!


9. Explore with Tongue

Finally ladies, when you move past the close-mouthed kissing and into the french kissing, explore a little with your tongue! There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be able to taste your guy completely with your tongue. Trust me, your guy will love it and go wild every time you do it!


10. Connect with Your Partner

Finally, to me, kissing is a very personal thing. It's letting someone into your space, letting someone near you enough to kiss you. That means that you've got to connect with that person. If there is no connection, why would you kiss them?

Learning how to be a good kisser just takes a little practice and some time! All of these tips and tricks should help if you are new at kissing, but what are some of the other ways on how to be a good kisser? Got anymore tips? Share 'em! phermalabs

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