How To Get Sexually Physical With Her

March 14, 2014 3 min read

Let’s get straight to the point.

If you want to get laid, your penis needs to be physically interacting with her vagina. Basically, if you don’t know how to touch her sexually then your chances of having sex with anyone will greatly decrease. Therefore, I want to give you a few things that work when it comes to getting physical with a girl.

Holding Hands

This is the first part of physicality. It’s not a requirement because you can do everything I will explain later without holding hands, but there is some sexual charge that happens when you hold a girls hand.


The strategy to get this done is when you first introduce yourself:

i. Hold out your hand as though you want to give her a handshake

ii. She reaches out and shakes yours

iii. Start talking while nonchalantly holding her hand, don’t hold it too tight but just soft enough where she is also comfortable with you at the same time. Of course, if she pulls away don’t be forceful and crush her hand, just move her hand with yours and see how long you can hold hands with her.

You do this because you want to make it clear that you’re there to do more than just talk. And, by holding her hands you’re subconsciously making her realize that touching you is a very natural move.

On A Date

On a date, instant date, traveling, whatever… if the girl you’re with is next to you while walking to a destination, just take your hand into hers. Many guys ask, “How do I know when to do this?” Listen, if you think you need to be holding her hands, HOLD HER HANDS. Following your gut is a very powerful thing.

For a suggestion, it’s always good to let go once in a while and then hold hands again: you do not want to seem like you’re needy.

Hugging Her

Hugging should be a natural move when you start the approach, but most importantly when you leave the interaction. What do I mean? Well, if you’re meeting up a girl on a date, you should get in the habit of hugging her. By just shaking hands or waving, you’re essentially telling her that you’re a pussy.

But, if you walk up to her and give her a hug, you’re making it very clear that later on the date you’re going to do more than just hug (unless it’s her vagina hugging your penis). What do I mean when you leave the interaction? To clarify, if you just met the girl and she’s having a good time, when it’s time to go, give her a hug.

Hugs create trust and comfort, do it, it’s important.

Kissing Her

Kissing her actually works just like holding hands: if you’re gut is telling you to kiss her, KISS HER. The odd thing about this sexual interaction is that you’ll get subtle cues from the girl when to give her a kiss: most likely she’ll lick her lips, pucker up, even at times stare at you while applying chap-stick… There are clues, watch out for it, and then go.

Some Tips On Kissing

i. Don’t hesitate when you go for the kiss, don’t think and just go a full 100%

ii. Don’t be a mouth raper and go 200%, you want the girl to be able to kiss you back. To make this happen, I’ll go 100% and as we begin kissing I’ll start backing off slowly so she starts moving forward closer to my mouth.

iii. You can practice your kissing skills on your hand: make a mouth with your fist and kiss the top section of the mouth hand (where the thumb and pointer finger come together). This may sound a little bit odd, but it’ll help you understand if you’re applying too much pressure, or if there is just too much saliva.

iv. When kissing a girl, it’s always best to have your hands on her body: having your body stay stagnant as you kiss her is a big NO-NO. Be fluid and touch her everywhere while you kiss, it makes the interaction more hot for her.


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