What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are produced naturally by your body and secreted through your  pores at many locations of your body.

Unfortunately as we get older our bodies produce less and less pheromones.  You can do several things to help increase Pheromones that are produced naturally. Exercising produces pheromones.  Ever wonder why so many relationships start at gyms? But when we shower after our workout we wash away all  those pheromones. Sweat glands produce pheromones, but the sweat soon starts to degrade and turns into a rancid  smell. We also add deodorants and antiperspirants to cover and block the natural pheromone production.  Pheromones in Humans are contained in all bodily fluids. These bodily fluids are rarely embraced as acceptable,  and we block and wash them away as quickly as they come.


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