Why men aren’t approaching you | How to attract guys body language

January 21, 2020 2 min read

Why men aren’t approaching you | How to attract guys body language

Whats good youtube. This video is about why guys may not be approaching you. ⁣

So a lot of girls write me about men not approaching them. Most of the time they believe they are attractive. They also usually run down a long list of why they believe they should be getting hollered at. You know Successful careers, good hearts, much to offer a man, etc. Everything checks out until you ask them how they interact with men. A question many find hard to answer. What usually remains clear is that they just have no idea how to act around men. Or they have made some very effective decisions on how to present themselves. Just not effective in they way they may hope. Essentially turning men away. For some of the women interested in being approached more often here are some things to consider. ⁣

Women you You shouldn’t be forced to acknowledge men or smile. Suggesting as much could be seen as sexist. What I suggest is that you voluntarily take action in order to attract more men and change your results if that’s what you hope for. But just as you aren’t obligated to be nice ladies neither should men be to break through your un-inviting outer shell. The argument that a real man will approach you despite negative body language is flawed. Real men are gentlemen. As a real man I can tell you that if it looks like a lady doesn’t want to be bothered, I’m not going to bother her. This is bigger than resting bit face.⁣

How a woman interacts with men is usually a signal to men of their interest and availability. It’s usually assumed that women who aren’t warm or inviting aren’t interested in making an impression because they have a man. Why else would She be completely ignoring guys around her? People, men especially defer to their logic. It’s human nature. Many men need a logical shot at success to approach a woman. Things that give that are a woman who acknowledges them with a pleasant look or smile. A woman who comments something positive to them. Those who make eye contact. Those who look happy or friendly when they catch a guy looking their way. Women who aren’t short or abrupt when communicating. Women who appear to be open to conversation. Women who linger a little after they are spoken to. Women who slow down to speak men when they are interested and don’t rush off. Among other things....⁣

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