June 22, 2019 1 min read

All about Fitness Goals for February! We're in love month and these 4 exercises will up your sex life! 

These exercises focus on your core, stability, strength, and multi-tasking. All of which are going to get you into amazing shape. It's also going to up your sex life because let's face it if you feel better about yourself you're going to feel better with someone else! ⁣

We love putting these exercises together for a circuit! Bridge, wood chops, lunge squats, and sit up punches will work your body! Start off by doing a minimum of 10 reps but remember with wood chops and lunge squats that's 10 per each side! ⁣

Getting fit and strong has its benefits and one of them is that it will totally up your sex life! Start working on those fitness goals with these 4 exercises to up your sex life! ⁣

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