How To Never Need Another Technique To Meet Women Again by Cory Skyy

December 10, 2016 2 min read

How To Never Need Another Technique To Meet Women Again by Cory Skyy

I know guys from all spectrums of life. Many are hooked on the internet postings in the so-called “seduction community”. They tell me all about the tons of content now available online about meeting women. But what constantly amazes me is how much of this material must be “deleted” from their heads in order for them to become great with women.


Because there is only one thing that happens when you allow yourself to keep on reading every blogpost, forum, and B.S. theory that’s out there… you actually get further and further away from your ultimate goal. 


Ultimately, every guy wants to attract women to him naturally and have choice in his life. But guys tend to collect all kinds of information because they feel safer sitting at home reading about meeting women rather than actually going out and being the man that attracts women. Reading too much online material leads you to believe that you need each and every technique in the world before heading out the door.


I’ve been a ladies’ man all my life. None of my skills came from sitting at home studying “pickup” theories from the internet. I was out there in the real world. I rarely went online because I was too busy with an abundance of beautiful women, having fun and enjoying my life.


Guys, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Get out of your head. Stop believing that techniques are your saving grace. They are nothing but a crutch that keep you stuck at home, lonely and frustrated, surfing the internet.


What you need to do is start working on yourself. Spend less time focusing on women and more time focusing on the man you want to be—a man who naturally attracts women to him. A man who believes in himself and is sexually desirable.


So how do you become a sexually desirable man? It begins with your mindset, and from there it trickles down to your body language, presence, and eye contact. When you change your mindset, you change your belief and how you view the world. Ironically, you also change how the world views you.


At the end of the day, it comes down to one question: What do you want?


If you want to learn a thousand lines and routines—and maybe have mediocre success with women, then keep on surfing the internet. But if you want to have fun, be happy, enjoy your life, and attract more women than you can possibly handle into your life, then start focusing on yourself and what women really want: a sexually confident man, not a guy full of lines routines and techniques.


Get out of your head. Get out of your house. Get into a new reality by doing the work you need to do to become a sexually desirable man.


By Cory Skyy,

Cory Skyy is a world renowned lifestyle/dating coach for men with a proven track record. While we are based in Florida, we have clients all around the globe.

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