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Time Stamps  
1:07 - The World of#WOMANLY - Introducing Video 1 - How to Dress Better 
2:11 - CHAPTER 1 - Back to Basics
2:40 - Self Awareness Exercise - what prevents me from looking my best?
3:41 - Eliminate Decision Fatigue 
4:25 - Simplify our Choices / To Create Signature Style 
5:20 - The Lace Thong 
5:45 - Sock Drawer: Ankle Socks For the Win
6:20 - Three Bras Every Woman Needs 
6:37 - Defining “Purchase Priorities” 
7:26 - Bra Matches for Your Skin Tone 
7:46 - Advanced Move: Lingerie 
8:17 - Versatile Jewelry 
8:57 - Nails: Define Your Go-To Style 
12:15 - No More Makeup On Your Shirt 
13:10 - CHAPTER 2 - Best Buying Process 
13:50 - “Hyper Pieces” that could ruin your wardrobe (3 types) 
17:48 - The New Buying Process 
18:50 - The Real Real - Designer Consignment Done Right 
20:53 - Pre-Plan Outfits
22:09 - CHAPTER 3 - Color Theory 
22:44 - Determine Your Tone: Warm or Cool? 
24:36 - Texture, Light, and Colour
26:11 - Color Basics: Eye, Hair, Skin
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