April 22, 2018 2 min read

“How to Be Approachable and Attract Men to Talk to You”

Today’s Guest:

Camille Virginia is the founder of Master Offline Dating. She has a unique talent and incredible passion for creating instant, in­-person connections and building authentic relationships.

Check her out: http://www.masterofflinedating.com/cl...

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In today’s video, I am joined by the founder of Master Offline Dating, Camille Virginia, and we’re going to discuss about online and offline dating. And how you get men to approach you.

In the context on how to get him to approach you and attracting men to talk to you, here are Camille’s tips:

a. Dressing for confidence in a conversation

b. Feel good about yourself

How do you make men feel comfortable in the process of approaching you?

Here is Camille’s tip on how to get him to approach you comfortably:

a. Make eye contact – every time you’re in a new space, take the time to look around

b. Make men feel that it is safe to approach you – simple gestures like smiling or lengthen eye to eye contact more

Special tip: People have the tendency to walk around closing their mouth probably because they’re in deep thoughts, or others have those resting b*tch face, Camille’s tip in order to attract men to talk to you and be approachable is to practice opening your mouth just a tiny bit. It will soften up your facial features and relaxes your jaw. Don’t forget to download my FREE “8 Secrets to Create a Rock-Solid Relationship”: http://claytonolsoncoaching.com/ This eBook will walk you through the top secrets to build a healthy solid relationship that stands the test of time. In your corner, Clayton Need coaching? https://claytonolsoncoaching.com/coac... About the Author: Clayton has been empowering individuals and couples from around the world to find harmony and authenticity in their relationships. A Certified Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, Clayton takes a holistic approach to carefully reconstructing what is truly possible for his clients. Through his work, he has revitalized relationships, brought together lost loves, and witnessed clients find their soul mates. Clayton's content has been seen on Fox News magazine, Huffington Post, The Goodmen Project and has his work featured on The View. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/claytonolso...

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