“Secrets of Dating Beautiful Women”

July 15, 2013 3 min read

David DeAngelo Teaches You Why Beautiful Women Are Different and How To Start Dating Beautiful Women

Secrets Of Dating Beautiful Women

By David DeAngelo

Beautiful Women Are Different…

Or are they?

I get a lot of emails from guys who ask me what they should do, because they've met an UNUSUALLY attractive woman. It seems that most men intuitively guess that they need to do something SPECIAL with a REALLY hot woman… something different than they'd usually do.

And partially, that's true.

One of the things that you will want to remember when you're dealing with the UNUSUALLY attractive women… is … that they are used to being treated special because of their physical beauty, and not appreciated for their minds or talents.

Beauty creates distance.

The more beautiful a woman is (or makes herself with makeup, clothing, hairstyles, and other “enhancements”) the more difficult it becomes for other humans to interact with her and communicate with her in a “normal” way.

When you start talking to a woman who has obviously spent many hours preparing herself, putting on makeup, choosing just the right outfit, doing her hair, and MOST IMPORTANTLY practicing that certain “attitude” that creates the air of untouchable beauty, YOU CAN FEEL IT.

Something is very different.

She knows it and you know it.

And she WANTS you to know it…

Beauty gives women power.


…so let's talk about what these things mean…and what to do about them…

How do you communicate to a model, actress or dancer that you're comfortable with them, and not intimidated by their job or beauty?

There is a type of guy that STANDS OUT… the kind of guy that comes along maybe every few months… or maybe only once a year.

Right! Make fun of them!

If a woman says“ I'm a model”, say “Oh, like a parts model or something? What, do you have sexy toes? ”

If she says “I'm an actress, ” say “Nice, so what you're telling me is that you're a waitress, but you do some extra work on the side? ”

If she's a topless dancer, say “How did you get this job? What, did you have to pay someone off?”

Joking around, busting on them, and teasing communicates that you're NOT going to give them any special treatment for their “beauty job”, and that, if anything, you see their job as an “average” thing to be doing.

So what does a woman who has it all WANT?


Here's a GREAT mindset to take with a woman who seems to be a little too used to “the good life” …

Just say “You know what? You're a spoiled BRAT. ”

That should get her attention.

Then follow up with “It's too bad you're not more of a normal, nice girl… ”

The protests should be starting by this point…

“But I AM a nice girl…”

“Suuuure you are. Me too. “

Are you with me?

The message is “Just because you're spoiled and snotty, don't think you're going to get special treatment from me. In fact, it's a problem. ”

This creates a HUGE challenge (which attractive women love), and sets you apart from all the other "boring" guys she's been out with lately.

Will some women stick their noses up in the air and laugh at you? Sure, it will happen once in awhile. Good. It's better sooner than later… and I mean that.

Oh, one more IMPORTANT thing.

I'd like you to think for a moment about what it's like when you see a REALLY beautiful woman walk by.

I'm talking about the kind of woman that you only see every few MONTHS or so… maybe once a year.

Think about how you stop, look again, keep looking …

And how it makes you feel inside

Guess what?

To that unusually beautiful woman, most men seem the same. To her, men all blur together into a big mass of compliments, offers for dates, and attention.

But there is a type of guy that REALLY makes her stop, do a double take, and pay attention.

There is a type of guy that STANDS OUT… the kind of guy that comes along maybe every few months… or maybe only once a year.

The question I have for you is …


Secrets Of Dating Beautiful Women

Or are you going to just be another one of the dozens and hundreds and thousands of guys that just stand and stare… or give away their power in hopes that this goddess will see fit to bless you with even a pinch of her attention?

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