The “Kiss Test”

July 15, 2013 3 min read

How To Tell If A Woman Is Ready For Your Kiss - And How To AVOID Rejection...

Know what?

I used to have NO CLUE how to tell if a woman was ready to be kissed...

I could be sitting there talking to her, thinking to myself "Wow, her lips really look nice..." but I didn't know what to do next. This would often leave me kissless, and many times kissless for good, as I didn't get another chance.

And, of course, this drove me NUTS.

I can't tell you how many chances I missed to have interesting, fun, sexy women in my life... all because I didn't know how or when to go for the first kiss.

Sound familiar?

But through a TON of trial and error, I've now figured out a way to know FOR SURE when a woman is ready to be kissed.

In fact, I've developed a "technique" that literally guarantees I'll never get rejected when I decide the time is right to "go for it." And I want to teach it to you right now.

Here's what I do...

If I've been talking to a girl and want to know if she's ready to be kissed, I'll reach over and touch her hair while we're talking and make a comment about it. I'll say "Your hair looks so soft" and just touch the tips of it.

Now let's hold up right here, because this is key...

If I see that a woman is receptive to what I'm doing at this point... that she's "responding positively" by allowing this "innocent" physical contact... it's game on.

If I see that she's smiling and drawing closer as I touch her hair instead of tensing pulling away, I can take it as a SURE SIGN...

She's "FEELING IT"...

...that irresistible, unstoppable emotion called ATTRACTION.

But listen... if she does pull away at this point... or shows any sign that she's not into it... that's when I know to STOP and move on. And YOU should, too. This isn't about forcing anyone to do anything.

But if she's smiling at me... relaxing her face and her body... leaning into me instead of pulling away... then here's what I'll do next:

I'll reach back over and start stroking her hair some more.

But this time, I'll glance down at her lips, back up to her eyes a couple of times. Reinforcing in her that there's a CONNECTION happening between us.

I'll continue touching her hair... letting my lips get closer to hers... but not touching. Basically, just amplifying that first spark of attraction that I now know FOR SURE that she's feeling.

And I can tell you, this is a powerful thing. It's affect on women is UNBELIEVABLE.

This kind of "testing" is EXTREMELY stimulating to women... escalating the SEXUAL TENSION almost to the point that they'll be in actual pain if you leave them hanging.

And guess what...

By now, she'll be more than just "okay" with my kissing her... If she hasn't pulled back, she's probably feeling such intense feelings of ATTRACTION that she'll probably be the one who tries to kiss ME! And then...

Well. You get the picture.

Bottom line:

By using "The Kiss Test," I can find out FOR SURE if a women wants to take things to the next level... all in a way that's completely "innocent" and non-threatening...

Plus, I haven't acted in any way that she can object to, so there's NO RISK OF REJECTION.

But VERY best of all...

I always know within the FIRST 5 MINUTES if a woman's ready to be kissed, so I don't waste hours and days trying to figure out "if she likes me"... or just regretting that I "wussed out" and didn't "go for it."

And believe me... I know that feeling. And I know all that constant wondering and self-doubt TOTALLY SUCKS.

That's why, if you feel like "The Kiss Test" might CHANGE EVERYTHING for you when it comes to "making your move" with a woman, I'm here to tell you it's really just the tip of the iceberg...

The "Kiss Test" is just one way to recognize the signs and signals of ATTRACTION in a woman --and EXACTLY what to do with them..

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