Dating advice

July 15, 2013 2 min read

Dating isn't easy; it’s really, really hard. First dates are awkward, the second ones are full of expectations, and the ones after, full of opportunities to mess things up hard. There are many problems a couple can have if there is not enough communication. But dating is a game and dating advice is necessary if you want to be in a successful and loving full relationship.

There are some basic things in a relationship that are always awkward, but they happen, all the time. We call too often or not enough, we’re too available or never around, grab our cell phone during the time we should focus only on our partner etc. To avoid such mistakes try to follow some dating advice.

If you have just met someone, don’t call him or text him all the time. You need to live a little bit of mystery and must show you or so in to that person. Don’t date the kind of person that have hurt you in the past, move on. Some people are just bad for us, and it’s important to break such patterns and search for a healthy relationship. Don’t be late for a date, if you have a problem or can’t make it on time, contact the person you have a date with and explain the situation. Don’t give too much about you’re self in the beginning, you have to know a person a little bit better to open up more. Don’t ever be too available, and don’t lie about your self, because the truth is something that always comes out. This one is important; don’t check out other people while you’re on a date. It’s just rude. And while you are checking the person by the next table, your date will be heading for the door. It’s not worth that. Don’t have sex on a first date. You all know why, and we don’t need to explain that any further. Don’t give personal information about you on your first date, don’t get drunk, and don’t be rude. And in the end, never date a married person because they wont live their husband or wife, you’ll get hurt or you’ll have problems with their spouse so don’t go that way.

So, try to be cool about this, and take this dating advice to have a focus about the things you should and shouldn’t do. Think about what you want in a relationship, and what kind of a person you would love to go out and have a relationship with. Think if want a one night stand or someone to love, because you know, those are very different things. And don’t forget you are dating a living, breathing person, who needs respect and attention. So be nice and be kind, and honest. Try to follow these rules, be you’re self, and try to have fun all the way. Remember, true love’s out there somewhere, and is waiting for you, so go on, and look for it, I believe it’s going to be great.

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