Some thoughts about love

July 15, 2013 2 min read

Do you believe in fairytales? Love on first sight? Do you feel those little butterflies dancing in your stomach? Do you feel the excitement, and are you blushing all the time? If you are, than you’re so in love. And that’s nice, because love is the greatest, and the most beautiful thing in the world. When it’s honest, it can make us grow, and take us to places we have never been before. It can be our biggest motivation; it can give us courage, and make us fly.

When I think about love, I imagine it as a beautiful red rose, that’s blushing, and opening its petals to me. That gentle flower, symbolizes the gentleness and fragileness of love, but roses have thorns, and so does love. It can break us, and tear us apart. It can make us cry for hours, and make us not wanting to eat or sleep. Its power is enormous.

People wrote poem’s about it, novels about it. Wars were led because of love. It is and will stay the most important thing in the universe. Without it, people would be just like wild animals, without thoughts and desire, without motivation and will to change their lives, and the world they’re living in.

To fall in love and to be in love is the greatest gift a person can receive. If you have a partner you can rely on, you can trust, you can share everything with, than you are really lucky.

But there isn’t only romantic kind of love, there is parental love, and love among brothers, love among friends, love for your work and hobbies, love for your pets, love for lots and lots of things, and that love can be as strong as the romantic one to.

We can never really give the proper definition of love, because it comes in so many shapes and so many ways. Doctors say it’s all about chemistry, philosophers say it’s all about the feelings in side us she creates, and I agree. Love is for me a state of mind and body, that make’s us feel all kinds of emotions, and make’s us do all kind of great but sometimes foolish things to.

It’s silly to imagine living your life without it, as so many people today are trying to do. They are trying to live their lives like robots, just experiencing physical love, not the emotional one. And they feel empty inside, and they are loosing their way. And I think that’s so sad.

So don’t be afraid to fall in love, and don’t be afraid of experiencing all the great things it can give you. Learn from it, fight for it, cry when it ends, and try to fall in love again, and again. Never forget to appreciate everything and every person love brought in to your life. And remember, even when you are closing one door behind you, don’t forget to live your window open, because you never now, when an old love will be returning to you.

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