How to get a girl?

July 15, 2013 2 min read

There isn’t a man who is on his own and who’s not asking the same question – how to get a girl of his dreams? Well, she may not come from a fairytale, but she’s out there somewhere, and you need to start searching write away, and start dating. Open your eyes, listen and observe, because every girl is eventually going to say everything she is thinking about, all she needs and dreams about. If you know how to listen, than you’re a winner, because if you have already spotted a girl that you like, all you really need to do is to listen and remember what she sais. There is no better way, than communication if you are wondering how to get a girl.

Don’t ever pretend you are listening, because people notice when you do that, and they won’t ever take you serious. Try to be comprehensive, and easy to talk to. Give advices, be open and friendly. Make her feel protected, and secure. Be a shoulder she can cry on, and a person she can always rely on. Be the first on her speed dial. And always make her feel special. Don’t ever make her feel les important; don’t put her on the second place. She needs to be number one, and she needs to feel that. If you can do that, than you are going to win her heart.

If this doesn’t help and you are still wondering how to get a girl, than you can try to do that the old fashion way, you can invite her to dinner, buy her flowers and candy, be a gentlemen and take her dancing, or take her to see a movie. But you still need to be a good listener and a good friend, or she’ll see you as someone who doesn’t take her serious, and only wants to play with her. Girls don’t like to feel like toys.

Girls like to feel spoiled, like to feel special, like to feel those little butterflies dancing in their stomach. If you can make the girl that you like, feel that way, and make her feel safe than you have already won her over.

Don’t forget to stay the guy she fall in love with. Don’t comment about other women when you are sitting beside her. Don’t brag about your past relationships, and don’t ever give rude comments about her hairstyle, about her clothes, hobbies and friends. Have respect for her friends and family. You don’t have to like them, but you should really respect them, because that way you are showing you respect her two.

Make her feel wanted, and appreciated. Try to have fun when you are together, and don’t force the things only you like to do. Listen to her needs, and she’ll listen to yours. If you do that, you’ll have the girl of your dreams beside you, and she’s going to be your best friend, your partner, and your lover. Because in the end, that’s what its all about.

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