Talk to Women When You Need Sound Advice

July 15, 2013 2 min read

When you talk to women, do you find it a problem? Do you know what to talk to women about? To some men, to talk to women is never a problem. And yet, to others, it is very intimidating because they do not know what to say. What most people do not know is the fact that when a man needs sound advice, the best he can do is to talk to women. Yes, women can give sound advice to men. How is it so? Here are the qualities of women why men can be comfortable when they talk to women for advice.
Friendliness is mostly found in women. They can be open and agreeable while showing comfort, safety, and warmth to others. Their smiles can ease the tension in a person. When needed, they can be very calming in their conversation. Men will not find it difficult to approach and talk to women who are always ready to give a smile.
Women can always find a connection with people. Whenever men talk to women to tell them their concerns, the women can easily connect to them. They can understand and evaluate the situation at hand and give effective advice. Since women are more vocal than men, they can express their views freely and without reservations or emotions. This way, they can give an honest opinion on the subject matter.
Whenever men talk to women, they can feel empathy. The women have the ability to acknowledge, experience, and recognize other people’s feelings, which is the key. Being a good listener not only through the ears, but also through the heart and eyes can make men open up and tell their problems without shame. Men talk to women who are sensible and professional.
Whatever women do, they do not pretend. Men talk to women who have genuineness and honesty. They know that genuine women will not be broadcasting what they have discussed to others. This is especially true, if the topic they have discussed is about their business. Women are good at keeping secrets, which make them reliable and dependable.
Since it is best to talk to women for advice, men should know how to talk to women the correct way. When men approach women for advice, there should be no malice. It should be purely professional so, the women will not feel intimidated. Talk to women in a respectful manner. Whenever women give advice, do not contradict and listen first. It is best to talk to women in a low voice, not shouting. Go straight to the point and tell your problem. Give time for digestion and understanding. Make sure that your information is factual and correct in order to have a fair evaluation. If possible talk to women in a decent place that is quiet, but with several people around. If you do not agree with the advice, say it in a professional way. Respect each other’s idea and you will discover that it truly best to get advice from women.

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