Common Mistakes that Cause Delays to Get laid

July 15, 2013 3 min read

Some mistakes men are making made it most likely not to make a woman get laid. Most of these mistakes are common and you may consider unexpected. There is nothing wrong with traditional moves in order to make woman get laid, but avoiding some of the obvious mistakes will serve the purpose.

Get Laid Mistake 1: Performing just one big move

It is no use to act like as if you are disinterested at first, then make the big move of quick hug and kiss in order to get laid. Usually the tendency of a woman is to move away, leaving you in an awkward position. Instead of making big moves, use small moves in proper succession. For example, instead of asking for her contact number, try to look at her conveying that you are interested. Also, do not make a big move of touching her at once, but slowly make the contact starting from staring and gently moving forward to get laid.

Get Laid Mistake No. 2: Putting down the Rapport

It is almost a myth that men still believed that when they try to act like a jerk, women would be attracted to them more and get laid. Sometimes it becomes the reason for women to reject men. There is no need to tease women a lot, what it takes are simple gestures of seductive look and gentle movements. This will provide more rapport and create excitement.

Get laid mistake No. 3: Talking too much and listening less

It is common to men in believing in order to get laid a woman, there is a need to look for the appropriate words and say the right things. However, the fact is there are no such appropriate words and the right things to say to get laid. There is no need for beautiful stories and proper words to get laid. The quick and easy way is to remain silent and let her do the talking about her aims and likes. Women have natural tendencies to share their favorite subject that is herself. On the other hand, instead of you doing the talking, you have to do the listening. What will appear is she is the one who is now trying to impress you and not you to her. When she does that, she will stay all the more, which you have a better chance to attract her and get laid in the end.

Get Laid Mistake No. 4: Being social instead of attractive

There is nothing wrong of being conversant and funny. It will absolutely make women laugh to their guts and have a chance to get laid. However, making her laugh is not what it all takes. Sometimes, it even becomes part of the problem. When people laugh a lot there is lesser tendency to create an attraction. Therefore, instead of making her laugh, provide her things that will attract her.

Get Laid Mistake No. 5: Attracting first and moving the next level later

It makes sense to build attraction first then make the big move afterwards in order to get laid. However, you do not always have the time to built such attraction and convey your qualities. You have to make the move at once as the circumstances permits to get laid. Making the early move relays the sense of confidence at your side. However, you have to respect whatever response she will is going to make and be patient.

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