8 Reasons It's Great to Be Single on New Year's Eve

December 29, 2016 2 min read

8 Reasons It's Great to Be Single on New Year's Eve

To all my fellow unattached folks out there, congratulations: you've almost survived the holiday season. But guess what—the best part will end with a bang. *Hats off to you!*


To my fellow unattached ladies out there, congratulations: you've almost survived the holidays without an other, and soon will no longer have to endure all the chatter about why you're not coupled up. *Hats off to you!*

Last up? Ringing in the New Year while flying solo—which is a pretty darn good way to do it up, in my humble opinion. Here are a few reasons to celebrate being a single lady to power you through the ball drop.

1."New Year's Eve" is synonymous with "party." And no one knows how to rock out at a party better than your single self, amirite? Live it up, girl.

2.When you're in a relationship, inevitably, one person wants to stay in and do the wine-and-takeout thing and the other person wants to ring in the new year out on the town, and then someone is grudgingly going along with the other's plans. When you're single, this is not an issue. You can stay in. You can go out. You can do both! (Although let me suggest that, no matter what, a nap is included.)

3.You're the boss of this day. You can be spontaneous. There's something kinda cool about dressing up, going out, and ringing in the New Year with total strangers. One of whom may be your future man, new BFF, or networking dreamboat. Dictate the night, sister, and bring your girls.

4.Or, hey, you can be cynical for the night, and turn a new leaf in the morning. Sometimes it's been a bad day, or season, or year (or relationship), and you just need a day off from being the "happy single girl"—even if you really are 99.9% of the time. Take a break. No judgment.

5.Chances are, you're going to spend the night with...some lucky person. And since it's the tail end of the holiday season, this is the ultimate final hurrah, and everybody's just so jolly. It's the perfect time to mingle and celebrate. Annnnnd pass the champagne. Pop that cork. Cheers!

6.Think about it: Anyone who's spent a NYE in the wrong relationship has experienced that weird, impending feeling of dread leading up to the ball drop. Ugh. But for you, it won't! You can go ahead and embrace the possibilities of 2015.

7.You can avoid the icky pressure of this holiday. When you're in a relationship, expectations are HIGH. Sometimes, people expect rings and proposals and declarations of love. (Spoiler alert: this usually doesn't happen.)

8.You can kiss whomever you'd like at midnight—your mom, your BFF, your cat, that handsome dude at the party you just met an hour ago... (Or all of the above.)

Happy New Year, babes. Here's to an impeccable 2016, single or taken.

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