7 Daily Habits of Attractive Men

May 17, 2017 2 min read

7 Daily Habits of Attractive Men

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Learning how to be more attractive to women is a path & a journey, NOT a one-off action or something that a long weekend or “bootcamp” will resolve.

Being attractive to women is the result of consistent, daily actions which transform you into the most attractive version of yourself.

In other words, attractiveness is a habit.

And, as I’ve seen over the years, it’s a SERIES of 7 very specific habits in fact.

What are these 7 habits, and how can you implement them into your life TODAY wildly transforming your lifestyle, social life and overall attractiveness to truly great women?

This is the subject of this week’s solo podcast session with me.

These daily habits are:

  • A Morning Routine
  • Fitness Regimen
  • Actively Connecting with Purpose
  • Connection with Community/Others
  • Social Skill Use
  • Dressed for Success
  • Positive, Optimistic Outlook

AND, there is one massive asterisk I discuss at the end. One huge piece that is specifically offered to the super frustrated, the guy who has struggled with this area of his life for too long, who has possibly worked with numerous coaches and/or downloaded many products…and has yet to find the success he knows he deserves.

This asterisk is often overlooked by coaches out there (irresponsibly I might add) and MUST be discussed.

I urge you to implement these 7 daily habits TODAY and embrace the journey to becoming more attractive to great women.

It won’t happen overnight (or over a weekend), but it will happen…but only if you make it a habit, and stop leaving your success to chance.


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