Create Sexual Tension & Spark Chemistry

June 14, 2015 3 min read


One major mistake that guys make is that they get into boring conversations with women. Now don’t get me wrong, it is vital that you are a real person and can get into deeper topics as to find out about each other. Deeper topics about family, friends, goals, dreams, and life are all important…

But like anything in life and especially when it comes to attracting women and dating, timing is everything! There is a time and place for rapport building activity, but this should preferably occur after you are both attracted to each other. In order to have attraction with somebody new, or more so, somebody that does not know the real you yet, certain communication should be sparked. Now remember, what you are learning on this dating blog is information that probably only 10% of men truly understand. This certainly does not mean that the rest of the 90% of the male population don’t get dates. Of course they do!

Like many, they eventually find their way through the dating world, and settle down. But ‘Day Game Dating’ is different. This is about having a much higher degree of success with women. Becoming a powerful male who can spark and initiate sexual interactions with women on a regular basis. You do this not so you can become an abusive cheating jerk… But more so as to have further options in your life. To not have to feel the need to settle down with the first female that shows you interest. So when you meet a woman for the first time and are getting to know each other, she is looking for certain emotional feelings from you. The types of emotions that tie up her stomach in knots and make her all nervous inside. She longs to be with a man who can make her feel this way and cause sexual tension and chemistry.

So what do you do and how do you make this happen? First it is important to recognise something that I call “on”. When its “on” with a woman you are in a different type of interaction. You recognise when it’s “on” because of the tension between the two of you. I’m not talking bad tension either as in arguing and disagreeing. I’m talking about tension where you are both communicating with each other in a way that is fun but challenging, sexually suggestive but with no guarantees. You are bating and challenging each other and kind of hope in the back of your minds that something physical will eventually occur, but it’s uncertain (Well at least for her).

As the man you role is to escalate things to the next level, but it’s great to keep her in suspense and postpone it. She will understand what is occurring and she will love it! So when its “on” there is flirting, teasing, challenging & sexual innuendo combined with barriers (that you put up to maintain and increase this tension). You both know its “on” (you both get it) but are not yet sure where this is leading. It’s a mating dance, a ritual, and it must continue and sexual tension increase before you finally make a move. Get into this sexual communication with a woman that your attracted to immediately so she can have a different experience with you. She will understand what’s occurring. (if not, you move on!) The above will drive her wild and hit her attraction switch hard!


By Colin Dubb

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