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April 06, 2014 4 min read

The Right Girl?

We’ve taught you what it takes to pickup girls, respond to her texts, and do all the necessary things to at least get her into your bed. But, the question we’ve yet to answer, a question that we get a lot is:

“How do I know if she’s the girl for me?

You’ll meet so many girls throughout your time in pickup that you can get numb to a girl’s personality. You might even get to a point where you realize that too many girls act the same, not all are prude little saints, and that looks don’t always determine how dumb or smart they may act.

So, in the sea of all these girls, which one fits you? Which girl is the one who you can call, girlfriend, a title that shouldn’t be used lightly.

Yes, I’m assuming that the guys who are concerned and interested in this article are the ones who are looking for that “perfect” girl. Well, I’m going to stop you right there and tell you firsthand that there is no such thing as the “perfect” girl. I’m not telling you to settle, I just want to make it clear that you’re not going to find a girl who will consistently suck you off, make you laugh, and give you all the love you think you deserve.

It will take work, but more often, the perfect girl is someone who meshes so well with you that there is no desire for you to look for another girl. It’s like one of those fucking sayings where “you can’t live without her.”

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How To Find The Right Girl For You

1. Date Like Crazy

Basically, you need to approach a lot of girls, make out with a few, sleep with many, and put yourself in as many appropriate sexual situations as you can. It’s in this time of exploration and experimentation that your experience will put you in a position where you’re more than likely bump into that girl.


You’re not going to find her sitting at home and you’re not going to woo her over by the lack of charm you have now. It’s like a final exam, you’re not going to get an A+ if you don’t practice your problem sets a week before.

In addition, when you’re out there in the dating field, you’ll soon realize what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want to see more of when it comes to girls. Therefore, you’re more likely to meet the right girl because when you bump into her, you’ll know that she possess all the factors you have in your criteria when it comes to the “right” girl.

It’s the difference between idealism and realism. And, the only way you’ll know if the girl you’ll bump into is “right” for you is through a realistic lens, which only comes from experience.

2. Sleep With Her First

Before you make a decision, you should have sex with her first. Most guys think she’s the perfect girl for her, when in reality they’re just blinded by lust. If you sleep with her multiple times and she still gives a feeling of bliss (after you cum), then she’s more likely to be the right girl for you.

Too many times we have guys who fuck the girl and realize, “Oh shit, I don’t have any feelings for her.”

This is why it’s always good to be honest with a girl when you first meet so that way she doesn’t get the impression that just because you both had sex means you’re boyfriend / girlfriend.

Wait. Don’t make a decision yet. Sleep with her and then after a while ask yourself, Does she make me happy?” If the answer is yes, then you’re getting closer.

3. Don’t Settle

Just because she matches all the criteria and she makes you happy after you cum, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s the right girl for you. There is other criteria you need to ask yourself, “How fast am I going with this when it comes to our relationship status?” The idea is you can rush sexually, but you shouldn’t rush emotionally.

I’m not saying “love” is a logical move, I’m just saying that you should NOT BE BLINDED BY YOUR EMOTIONS. This is a concept most guys forget because they get too deep into this mindset that they’re in love when in reality, it’s short bliss, lust, or some other emotional feeling floating in the air.

Do not settle. Do not fucking settle. If she doesn’t make you happy, that cannot be reversed. Don’t settle, move on, and find someone better. Or, just be honest with her that you want to start slow and go out and still approach other girls.

4. Be Faithful

If you find a girl who matches your criteria, makes you happy after you cum, and overall is doing things that say that she cares about you and she’s making your life better, then keep her and be faithful. Yes, be fucking faithful. She likes you because of the things you possess (game), so don’t lose your game and just don’t cheat on her.

If she’s the one, why cheat?

I think this is the biggest fucking mistake guys make when they find the right girl.

5. Learn To Trust

It might be hard to trust a girl after you’ve been heavily experience in the game. You might have done some things or put yourself in a position that totally gave you a different perspective on girls. It happens.

I’m not saying that the so-called “right” girl won’t do anything horrible in your life. Just know that if you learn to trust, you’ll be better off.

This is how you find the right girl, it might take a few months or a few years before you find her. Just know that you’re sure before you get into anything serious.


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