4 Biggest Mistakes When Getting Ready For A Date (not what you think)

March 13, 2016 3 min read

4 Biggest Mistakes When Getting Ready For A Date (not what you think)

“4 Biggest Mistakes When Getting Ready For A Date (not what you think)”
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We're talking about how to get ready for a date. Why do you need to know this? A lot of guys completely look over some crucial areas when prepping for a date, especially for a first date. Let's go over some of the biggest mistakes that most guys make when getting ready for a date and how you can fix this.

First is cologne, most guys don't think about putting it on or forgetting about it all together. I'm a big proponent of cologne. When you smell good, it will turn a woman on. Just like it might do when she wears perfume. Here's a great tip for cologne; try new ones to see what works best for you. See which ones women react to the most.

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Second mistake is that guys don't think about either having your date come by your place first or you go and pick her up. Try and figure out a way to make this possible. It sets off the date really well. If you can go by her and pick her up or even pick her up in a cab or an Uber, this will be unlike any other guy and be very chivalrous.

Another move is to have her come by your place first for a drink or to hang out. You guys are near the place on a first date, where've that may be. It breaks the tension and psychologically makes her feel closer to you and builds trust because she gets to see where you live.

Third mistake is guys don't clean up their facial hair before they leave for a date. There's nothing worse than a guy with untrimmed facial hair. It looks unkept and unattractive. You have two options here; one go for a complete shave, take it all off, make it all smooth. Or do a trim of the beard so you have it even all around and there's a shape to it. The lack of shape will give you that dirty look and to most women, that doesn't look good.

Next, cut your fingernails extremely short. Go as far as you can without hurting yourself because long fingernails are not attractive. They're going to make you look feminine. This goes the same for your toenails.

Women have complained to me time and time again that it's really gross when guys don't take care of their finger and toe nails. Take the time to trim these up. File them so they look decent. Plus, if you and the girl end up in bed together you don't want any of your nails to scratch her. It will completely kill the mood.

Do you make any of these mistakes? Do you have any other suggestions for guys watching this video? If so, leave a comment down below and let's hear from you. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel because I'm putting out videos just like this one every single week teaching you how to get the girl and how to keep the girl.

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