10 Tips for First Time Singles Cruisers

October 11, 2016 3 min read

10 Tips for First Time Singles Cruisers

If you ask most singles, the idea of taking a singles cruise vacation for the first time can seem both exciting and also a bit daunting.  They are not sure what to expect and probably wonder what kind of people will be in their singles group and if they will have anything in common with any of them.  For the best advice and recommendations for first time cruisers, we recently reached out to our repeat singles cruise clients on our SinglesCruise.com Facebook page.

Here are the top ten tips they offered up to make the most of your singles cruise vacation:

1. Mingle, mingle, mingle!  Samantha says it’s important to attend the singles cruise functions and mingle at each one so you can start meeting the others on your cruise.
2. Go with an open mind.  Barbara advises single travelers to go with an open mind, ready to have lots of fun and meet many similar minded people.  “Everyone is open and friendly and there to have fun and you will make friends that last a long time!”
3. Attend scheduled events.  Many guests said to be sure and attend the scheduled events that SinglesCruise.com plans for you.  Lead cruise director Shelby Bergeron agrees.  “Attend as many of our events, parties, games and mixers as you possibly can so you can meet the others and develop a rapport with them.  It will greatly enhance your experience.”

4. Sign up for singles shore excursions. In addition to attending the scheduled events on the ship, many clients noted the importance of signing up for the group shore excursions. Bergeron organizes the singles excursions on each singles cruise and says trying something new and out of your comfort zone is a great way to meet and have fun with your fellow cruise companions.

5. Participate in the message boards. Pam advises everyone to get involved in the message boards and chat rooms prior to the cruise because you will feel like you know people as soon as you arrive for the pre-cruise meet-up event. Also – be sure to go to the pre-cruise party to meet the others on your cruise!

6. Research the ports.  Jerry recommends researching the port stops so you know a little about where you are headed.  He also suggests asking the cruise veterans in your group what is fun to do in the port – chances are some of them have been there before.  SinglesCruise.com’s hosts and reservation agents are also all highly experienced cruisers so can also give you the scoop on a particular island or destination.
7. Don’t be shy.  A resounding number of guests said to not be shy and just introduce yourself to everyone.  Gerry says “Just do it.  And if you’re really shy – as I was – you likely won’t be after your first cruise.”  Dianne agrees, “Don’t let possible shyness deter you. We are all in the same boat, looking to connect with peers.”
8. Catch the sunset off the ship.  Jerry also highly recommends catching the sun set over the water at least one night on your cruise.  He says there are some spectacular views as the sun goes down!
9. Don’t expect to meet the one.  Several cruisers say not to go into your singles cruise expecting that you will meet “the one” or you may be disappointed.  Kevin points out that everyone in the group is also single and looking to meet new people so you’re all in the same boat.  “It’s what you make of so have fun and relax!,” he adds.
10. Bring contact cards.  Alissa stresses the importance of bringing pre-made contact cards with you to pass out to your new friends at the end of the cruise.  She says your hand gets tired of writing everything down for your new friends.  Bergeron loves the idea and adds, “My favorite part of each singles cruise is watching everyone go from complete strangers at our welcome mixer to saying tearful goodbyes to their newfound friends on the last night of the cruise.”

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